About Us

  • PVA is a local Philippines company registered with the SEC Makati
  • Area of expertise is Web site management and SEO
  • Independent and acting as your technical partner
  • Does not want any part of the Realtors commission on the sale of the properties they are handling
  • Making it easier for the Buyer & Seller to link via YOU
  • Help you control your technical costs
  • Developing a strategic partnership with an on-line training firm to assist realtors

PVA has structured its develop based around the following principals:

Seller’s Objective:

  • To sell the property for the best price at the earliest opportunity

Buyer’s Objective:

  • To find their property of choice as easily as possible and normally as quickly as possible

Realtor’s Objectives:

  • Present properties to buyers as easily as possible
  • To reach as many potential buyers as possible
  • To provide the best possible service to sellers
  • Focus on the CUSTOMER and the sale process
  • To minimize your expenses & time/effort to achieve that result

Contact Us on: admin@propertyviewasia.com